Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth is simply making your teeth a lighter, more attractive shade. Genetics play the greatest role in the shade of our teeth. The foodstuff that we put in our mouths also plays a role regarding the shade of our teeth. The most obvious staining materials are smoking, tea, red wine, and coffee. There are some over the counter whiteners. Usually, these are surface stain removers. To whiten what Mother Nature gave us usually requires a professional strength material to alter your shade. After whitening, most people will need to do a “boost” treatment about once a year.

Glo Teeth Whitening

As your needs require, or if you can not tolerate whitening trays or should you have had any issues with whitening in the past, we Offer the Latest in Whitening Technology:

teeth whitening

Glo Teeth Whitening

  • Safe — Gums and Teeth are not harmed in this beautifying process
  • Gentle — Due to the specially formulated Desensitizing Enhancer and Whitening Gel
  • Effective — Up to 12 Shades lighter in one hour!

Causes of Tooth Discoloration:

  • Genetics
  • Medication
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Aging or wearing of enamel
  • Smoking
  • Foods
  • or a combination thereof

Who is a Candidate?

Everyone can benefit from lightening with Glo. The type of staining you have could affect your final result.