Effective Hair Restoration with Alma TED Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

Hair Restoration with Alma TED

With the most effective Alma TED treatment, you can regain thicker, healthier, and more voluminous hair.

Are you worried about hair loss? Try out our Alma TED treatment at Smile Arizona Dentistry. We provide this unique, non-invasive treatment to address hair loss, thinning, and shedding. You will be able to regain your hair with this therapy without any pain, discomfort, or downtime.

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Hair Growth Through Alma TED

Achieve Innovative Hair Growth Through Alma TED at Smile Arizona Dentistry

The American Hair Loss Association estimated that women nearly make up 40% of hair loss sufferers, while two-thirds of men experience some degree of hair loss while spending more than 3.5 billion dollars a year in an attempt to treat their hair loss. Hair loss is an emotional concern that can result in feelings of inadequacy or stress.

Get Alma TED (Trans Epidermal Delivery), the revolutionary, cutting-edge, and non-invasive hair treatment for both men and women at Smile Arizona Dentistry. This is an ultrasonic device that drives a patented combination of peptides and critical growth elements for hair development into the scalp using acoustic sound waves and air pressure. These sound waves penetrate deeper into the skin's dermis layer, nourishing the scalp and hair follicles with increased blood flow and encouraging hair growth.

Recognizing the distress caused by hair loss, our team of skilled doctors is prepared to enhance your confidence through a painless and minimally downtime hair restoration procedure.

During Alma TED Treatment

What Happens During Alma TED Treatment?

Before the procedure, your hair and scalp will be evaluated to measure the density and state of your hair in every area that will include the front, back, and sides. Depending on your hair density and scalp health, our physicians will identify the areas that require treatment.

The targeted areas will be treated by the Alma TED device. The Alma TED devices employ acoustic sound waves and air pressure to force the topical Hair Care Formula deeper into the skin, resulting in a warm, vibrating feeling that is harmless. The Alma TED takes no more than 20 to 45 minutes and requires no downtime.

What Conditions Can Be Treated by Alma TED?

Various hair loss conditions can be treated with Alma TED hair treatment. Some of those conditions include:

  • Male and female pattern baldness, which is also known as androgenetic alopecia, affects males in their early 20s and females later in their life due to hormones or stress.
  • Non-scarring alopecia that includes telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, and trichotillomania

Benefits of Alma TED

  • Non-invasive and pain-free
  • Hair stimulation and strengthening
  • Get healthier, thicker, and longer locks
  • Aids in optimum hair regrowth
  • Instead of needles or lasers, it uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure
  • Improves blood flow to the scalp, which enhances scalp health
  • No downtime

Why Choose Smile Arizona Dentistry?

At Smile Arizona Dentistry, our team of highly experienced doctors provides the most cutting-edge, advanced, and safe solutions for hair loss treatment. We prioritize outstanding care and exceptional results in every aspect of our treatment procedure. Our team is always ready to work with you and ensure that your aesthetic goals are reached. Contact us today to learn more about Alma TED hair restoration treatment.

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