Effective Non-Surgical TMJ/TMD Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

Non-Surgical TMJ/TMD Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ
Non-Invasive TMJ/TMD Treatment for Your Jaw Pain, Scottsdale, AZ

Non-Invasive TMJ/TMD Treatment for Your Jaw Pain, Scottsdale, AZ

Are you experiencing frequent jaw pain or having difficulty chewing? If yes, that means your joints and chewing muscles are not operating together properly, which can indicate TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.

At Smile Arizona Dentistry, we offer non-invasive and non-surgical TMJ treatment using advanced dental technology for all your jaw-related problems. Visit our practice in Scottsdale, AZ to consult with Dr. Beth Vander Schaaf for TMJ treatment. She has over 20 years of experience and can help you choose the best treatment plan customized to your needs!

We Offer:

  • Same-day and next-day appointments
  • Pain-free and non-invasive TMJ disorders treatment
  • In-house payment plans and accept a wide variety of insurances
  • State-of-the-art modern technology
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How Do You Know If TMJ Treatment Is Needed?

How Do You Know If TMJ Treatment Is Needed?

TMJ can have long-term effects on your mood and ability to accomplish everyday duties. You should seek treatment if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Popping or clicking sounds in the jaw while moving
  • Pain in the jaw or around the ears
  • Headaches
  • Locked jaw

TMJ has also been identified as one of the causes of sleep apnea. A displaced jaw joint generally causes your tongue to be in the wrong position while you sleep, restricting the airway.

Simple at-home cures can sometimes assist in relieving TMJ pain and discomfort, but in many situations, professional treatment is required.

What Can You Expect at Smile Arizona Dentistry for Your TMJ Treatment?

At Smile Arizona Dentistry, we have a comprehensive 3-step procedure to better assess and diagnose TMJ disorder.

Initial Diagnosis and Consultation

Before we begin the treatment, one of our dentists will do a full oral examination to determine if you have any TMJ issues. For diagnosis, our TMJ dentist at Smile Arizona Dentistry will take X-rays of your face and jaw to search for evidence of inflammation in your temporomandibular joint. You can consult your dentist about further treatment and processes based on your results.

Lifestyle Changes and Our Recommendations

Our dentist may advise you to make lifestyle changes such as reducing stress or wearing a sleep guard to prevent grinding, moving to a soft food diet to avoid chewing or practicing jaw stretches. In some situations, these adjustments are sufficient to remove TMJ/TMD issues.

Oral Therapy and Treatment

For minor-to-moderate TMJ issues, oral appliance treatment is frequently advised. This comprises a custom-made mouth device to prevent grinding that appears like a night guard worn at night. This oral device changes the posture of the jaws while sleeping to promote appropriate temporomandibular joint healing. For more complicated issues, we recommend other solutions like splints or botox.

Our Non-Invasive Approach to Treating TMJ

Our Non-Invasive Approach to Treating TMJ

Our non-invasive treatment of TMJ disorders include two procedures:

Dental Splint for TMJ

For mild TMJ problems, dental splints are the most commonly suggested treatment options. Studies have shown splints to relieve TMJ discomfort while posing a low risk of long-term negative effects. A TMJ mouthguard and a bruxism (tooth grinding) mouthguard are the two common forms of dental splints.

Botox for TMJ Treatment

We also use Botox for treating TMJ/TMD, which is typically rapid, simple, and successful for TMJ issues and jaw stress. Botox injections are a non-surgical technique done in our office and do not require hospital stays. Although recovery might take up to a week, most patients can feel a difference after one or two days following their first treatment.

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