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With laser dentistry, we can use lasers to correct damage without causing irritation. Whether you need teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, gum treatment, or more complex procedures, like the removal of excess oral tissue or growth(s), our advanced laser technology will make it easier, effective, and above all, a pain-free experience for you.

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How Do the Lasers Work in Dentistry?

How Do the Lasers Work in Dentistry?

Lasers deliver light energy in a narrow and focused beam. When the laser is used for dental procedures, the light energy reacts with the infected tissue to either remove or reshape it. Lasers work differently depending on the procedure they are used for. In some dental procedures, lasers are used as a source of heat, and in some other procedures, they are used to speed up the process. Laser dentistry provides a comfortable and flexible treatment for several dental problems. Laser dental treatments are cost-effective, efficient, and pain-free compared to traditional dental treatment options.

What Is Ezlase™ Diode Laser
                      Dental Therapy?

What Is Ezlase™ Diode Laser Dental Therapy?

The Ezlase diode is an advanced laser technology that has made dental procedures more comfortable for patients and easier for dentists to perform. It delivers accurate, high-power light energy with longer intervals to ease the tissue thermal relaxation. The Ezlase diode laser is easy-to-use, portable, and provides precise results compared to other laser systems.

Ezlase diode lasers are used to treat various conditions, including gum surgery, pain-relieving, dental cleaning, to speed the spreading and healing cycle for herpetic lesions and crown lengthening. This technology offers faster results than traditional laser dentistry.

Highlights of the Ezlase Laser Service at Smile Arizona Dentistry

At Smile Arizona Dentistry, we have experienced and highly-skilled dentists to perform dental procedures using Ezlase diode lasers. We help you achieve the results you desire with our safe and comfortable laser dental practices. We use high-quality and effective lasers that make the procedures go smoothly and reduce your discomfort and healing time.

We can treat the following dental conditions with Ezlase laser dental procedure:

  • Treating Your Gummy Smile: A gummy smile shows 3 millimeters or more of gum tissue under the upper lip which can impact your facial appearance. However, it can be fixed with Ezlase diode laser. The laser is used to reshape your gum tissue to make your teeth more prominent.
  • Reshaping Gum Tissue for Crown Lengthening: Ezlase diode laser is used to reduce or reshape your extra gum tissue to make your teeth more visible. Reshaping gum tissue will help to accurately place restorations on the teeth. A different laser is used if the bone also needs to be reshaped for esthetics and your smile.
  • Removal of Oral Growths or Excess Tissue: Excess tissue in your mouth may cause pain and difficulty chewing and opening your mouth. However, the laser can fix this problem by removing the excess tissue.
  • Fixing a “Tongue Tie” or Preventing a Gum Recession: Tongue-tie is a condition that restricts the movement of the tongue. Babies with this condition will have trouble breastfeeding. However, this condition can be fixed with laser treatment. The laser is used to make a small incision to release or loosen the tied tissue.

    Gum recession is a condition that exposes the tooth's root, making it easier for plaque and bacteria to accumulate. However, laser technology can fix this condition by minimizing inflammation and eliminating infected tissue. The laser light also improves bone and tissue healing and promotes collagen formation. Sometimes a frenum (“same” as a tongue-tied problem but located now most typically on the front of the upper or lower anterior most teeth) can be easily released by the laser to then aid in keeping the gum tissue from exposing more root surface. This same frenum releasing can aid in keeping teeth straight after correcting a diasthema (a naturally occurring space most often between the upper two front teeth. Sometimes this is considered esthetic or pleasing to the eye and sometime a patient wants this space improved or closed.)

  • Laser Cleaning for Preventing Periodontal Diseases: Poor dental hygiene can promote the growth of bacteria in the mouth, which can contribute to periodontal (teeth and supporting structures around teeth including bone) diseases, gingivitis or gum infection(s), inflammation, and recession including bone loss. However, laser assisted dental cleaning helps to prevent periodontal disease and gingivitis by removing disease-causing bacteria and leftover food particles in the mouth.
  • Relieving Pain of Cold Sores and Fever Blisters: Cold sores (herpetic lesions) are small to larger, virus induced, very contagious and painful blisters that can appear around the mouth and on the lips. The laser light treatment helps improve discomfort and pain caused by the cold sores. In fact, if we see you on the first onset of symptoms, especially during the prodromal or during the tingling sensation time that that most people are able to detect, and especially before any lesions burst, we can help your blister heal more quickly without ever bursting. This is key to limit spreading of the virus to others and in helping to prevent scarring that can happen especially with repeated occurrences and major outbreaks.
What Are the Alternatives for

What Are the Benefits of Ezlase Laser Dentistry?

The benefits of Ezlase laser dentistry include:

  • Anesthesia is not required for certain Ezlase laser procedures.
  • The Ezlase diode laser allows dentists to perform procedures with greater accuracy and comfort.
  • The laser dentistry procedures are painless and suture-free, so recovery is typically faster.
  • The high-energy laser light beam sterilizes the area being treated, so the risk of bacterial infection is reduced which helps accelerate the healing process.
  • The Ezlase diode laser minimizes swelling, bleeding, and damage to the surrounding tissue
  • Lasers are very quiet, so patients can be more relaxed and comfortable in the procedure room.

Laser Dentistry FAQs

Laser dentistry is typically pain-free, as it uses an intense beam of light energy to perform dental procedures.

Although there is a small risk of side effects in laser dentistry, our team uses the right wavelength or power level to reduce the chances of any side effects.

Generally, it takes two to three weeks to recover from laser gum therapy. When you recover, you should avoid consuming hard, crunchy, or sticky foods, as they may get stuck between the gums and teeth and cause irritations to the healing gums, which will increase your recovery time.

Laser treatment on occasion can be slightly more than traditional dental treatment. However, the benefits outweigh its cost.

This depends on what dental procedures your insurance plan covers. Usually lasers are a covered benefit for general insurance codes. Insurance does not dictate how you get a result, only on checking the box that the result was ultimately obtained. Our team will work with you to ensure that you get the full benefit of your dental insurance coverage. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about your dental needs and we will help provide an estimate with regards to your specific dental insurance coverage.

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