Tips to Keep Your Dental Implants Clean and Hygienic

Dental implants are the closest you can get to healthy and natural-looking teeth. They replace the root and crown of the missing tooth and extend the life of the surrounding natural teeth. They also help in maintaining jaw bone support.

Remember that you must keep them clean and hygienic to reap maximum benefits from a dental implant. Here are some tips that will help you keep your dental implants clean and hygienic.

Tip 1: Use a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

Always use a brush with soft bristles to clean your mouth when you have dental implants because they are less likely to hurt the gums or cause bleeding when compared to hard or medium bristled brushes. If possible, switch to an electric toothbrush, as they clean your teeth and gums more effectively.

Tip 2: Use a Water Flosser

Use a water flosser to floss your teeth as they have been proven to be efficient in killing bacteria up to 6 mm deep. They also help you get rid of the particles that may cause peri-implantitis.

Tip 3: Brush Twice a Day

f you have a dental implant in your mouth, brushing your teeth twice is essential to keep your mouth free from harmful bacteria. It is even better if you can brush your teeth at some point during the day to remove any residual food particles from your lunch.

Tip 4: Use Crown & Bridge Floss

These are specially designed to clean your implants and help your teeth and gums remain bacteria-free after a dental implant.

In addition to following these tips, you also need to maintain care before and after your implants.

Before Care

Here is what you need to keep in mind before the dental implant surgery

  • Before the procedure, make sure you inform your dentist about all the medications you are taking currently.
  • Antibiotics and pain killers can significantly reduce your risk of infection and discomfort during surgery. Ask your dentist if you can have any such medications before surgery.
  • If you are stressed about surgery, inform your dentist.They may consider sedation if needed.

After Care

After surgery, you may need one or two days to fully recover. At this point, you may feel discomfort and swelling, which should lessen after 1-2 days. Driving home alone is not recommended, especially if you were sedated during the procedure. Here are some post-surgery instructions to follow.

  • Keep biting on the sponges in your mouth to control bleeding for at least one hour. Depending on the severity of the bleeding, you may need to keep biting for up to three hours in some cases.
  • During the first 8 to 12 hours, avoid moving excessively. Sit with your head in an elevated position if possible.
  • Apply ice pack on your face for 15 minutes. Remove it after 15 minutes and repeat ice application throughout the day, if needed, to reduce swelling.
  • For the first 48 hours after surgery, eat and drink only soft foods.
  • Take all medicines as prescribed by your dentist.
  • For the first 24 hours, avoid rinsing your mouth. Then, gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water after meals.

Remember that dental implant care continues long after the surgery. Flossing, brushing, rinsing, and regular dentist visits are essential to maintain your dental implants.

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