Scottsdale Family Dentist for Dental Care Needs of All Ages

Family dentists help address your oral care needs at every stage of your life. From children to adults and seniors, family dentists focus on the unique dental needs of your entire family.

At Smile Arizona Dentistry, our qualified and experienced family dentists are committed to providing you and your family the quality dental care you deserve. We have been serving the community of Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding areas, including Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix, for over 27 years.

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Our Featured Family Dental Procedures

Our Featured Family Dental Procedures

Our Scottsdale family dentist offers a wide range of dental services to meet the unique oral needs of every member of your family, which include:

Tooth Extraction

We recommend tooth extraction when you have a decayed, damaged, infected, injured, or broken tooth that cannot be restored with dental restorations such as fillings, bridges, and crowns. Wisdom teeth complications may also require removing a tooth. Extracting a damaged tooth prevents further dental problems such as the spread of infection and decay and damage to the adjacent teeth, gum tissue, and bone.

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Tooth Restorations or “Fillings”

We recommend dental fillings to repair and restore the cracked, chipped, or decayed teeth. Dental fillings provide additional support to your restored teeth to prevent it from further decay and damage and can improve your oral functionality, smile, and bite strength. You can experience a beautiful and natural look with our fillings.

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Root Canal Treatment

An infected or inflamed tooth pulp cannot heal on its own, so a root canal treatment is often recommended. A root canal treatment can remove the bacteria and other debris from the infected tooth pulp, protect the remaining teeth from wear or strain, and prevent further tooth infection. Tooth loss, spread of the infection, throbbing pain, and a dental abscess can be prevented by getting a root canal treatment on time.

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Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are required to prevent the accumulation of plaque and bacteria that can lead to dental caries and cavities. While sealants are mostly recommended for kids to prevent cavities on their permanent molar and premolars, adults should also get a dental sealant treatment if they have deep grooves, unfilled or infected molars, or diagnosed with a risk of developing decay. You can protect your teeth and fight against cavities with dental sealants.

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Crowns and Bridges

Whether you have had a root canal treatment, a tooth with large fillings, permanent stains, cracked or decayed tooth, discolored tooth, or gaps between teeth, crowns and bridges are an effective solution. Dental crowns and bridges can restore your chewing ability and speech clarity, prevent remaining teeth from shifting, enhance the appearance of your teeth, and provide you the best smile you deserve.

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Dentures are required if you want to enhance your smile by restoring your lost or decayed teeth. There are full and partials denture options depending on the number of teeth you want to restore. Dentures are designed to look and function like your natural teeth, so you will not receive any problems after getting dentures. They ensure improved facial appearance and smile, long-term oral health, and ultimate comfort when you speak and eat.

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Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Conscious sedation dentistry is required to provide anxiety-free dental treatments. Depending on your health condition, age, and the type of dental procedure, we use different stages of conscious sedation, including minimal sedation, moderate sedation, and deep sedation. Based on your preference and comfort, you can receive sedation orally, via a mask, or intravenously. Conscious sedation allows you to respond to commands while keeps you completely relaxed and pain-free.

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Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening procedure is required to correct crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth. We offer Reveal clear aligners that help you get back to your beautiful and healthy smile by straightening your teeth. These aligners can be custom-made to match the size and shape of your teeth. These aligners do not need to be glued to your teeth like other aligners. They are comfortable to wear, less noticeable, and effective in straightening your teeth.

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Our Root Canal Procedure

Why Scottsdale Families Trust Us for All Their Family Dental Needs

We are your one-stop dental clinic for your family's dental care needs. We have highly-trained and qualified dentists who specialize in family dentistry. You can rely on us for all your unique oral care needs.

Care for All Ages

At Smile Arizona Dentistry, we provide high-quality and comprehensive oral care to people of all ages, including kids, adults, and elders. Get your entire family's dental problems addressed and treated under one roof.

Comprehensive Oral Care

We provide comprehensive oral care to meet the needs of your entire family:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Teeth straightening
  • Teeth extraction
  • Fillings
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Dental laser treatment
  • Periodontal treatment

Highly Qualified and Extensively Trained Dentists

Our dentists Dr. Beth Vander Schaaf, Dr. Brent Call, and Dr. Roy Howard are highly experienced in providing great and best possible dental care. They listen to your dental concerns and create a treatment plan that cures your oral problems and helps to keep your oral health to the optimum level.

Affordable Procedures

Our goal is to deliver the highest possible level of oral care to our patients at affordable prices. At Smile Arizona Dentistry, we work with almost all of the major insurance PPO providers to help you cover the cost of your procedure at reduced rates. We also offer an In-House Plan that gives discounts toward care. When you get your treatment plan, let us review this coverage with you.

Apart from these, we also accept all the major credit cards and work with GreenSky, CareCredit, and LendingUSA as a third party lender. With these lenders, it has never been easier to qualify. If you accept any one of these plans, our office pays the interest for this service for all or part of the loan.

Calm and Positive Atmosphere

We provide dental treatments in a calm and comfortable environment to help our patients overcome their dental fears. Our dentists and team is warm and welcoming. We are ready to help you with any dental issues and better your oral health!

Focus on Patient Education

We also educate our patients about routine oral care, good dental habits, healthy diet, toothpaste selection, and tips to take care of their teeth and gums. This will prevent further dental problems and what still needs to be done to improve it.

Convenient Location

You will have no problems in reaching out to us, as we operate in a convenient and compatible location.

Contact us or schedule an appointment with our family dentist in Scottsdale if you are looking for comprehensive dental care for your family. Our dentists look forward to helping you get the best oral health you and your family deserve.

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