Welcome to Our Office

we genuinely appreciate your selection of our office for your dental health needs.

Our mission is to provide you quality dental care and education that enhances your health and appearance for a lifetime. We aim to exceed your expectations with our care, service, and results in a comfortable environment using current technology with proficiency.


Dental treatment hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7am to 5pm, and other times by appointment. The office is closed for major holidays as well as times when our doctors and team are attending continuing education seminars to keep abreast of the latest technology so that we may better serve you. Endodontic care (root canals) and sedation dentistry is available in our office, by subcontracted providers, for your convenience.


One of our doctors can be reached 24 hours a day for emergencies. Simply call our office phone number and follow the directions. In return, we ask for your agreement in providing us a full 48 business hours’ notice if you need to reschedule an appointment. We respect your time, thank you for respecting ours. A charge will be made for broken/or canceled appointments with less notice- please see our cancellation policy below. This is necessary so that we can accept your insurance rates and discounts as our full fee. We appreciate your help in creating a respectful environment in our office. Most insurance reimbursement fees today are less than the ones paid 25 years ago! In addition, there are a couple large insurance carriers that pay less in the last two years. We have absorbed these fee reductions however we cannot also absorb unplanned holes in our schedule. Please understand then, you will be charged for a broken appointment and this is still a discount overall. Thank you very, very much for your understanding and cooperation.


Appointments rescheduled less than 48 hours in advance and missed appointments are subject to a minimum $50/hour broken appointment fee. This policy is meant to maintain a high-quality level of care as we see one patient at a time and this is necessary to keep our fees as low as possible. Your card on file will be automatically run for any missed appointment.


A deposit or insurance co-pay is required to schedule procedures with the doctor. We will bill your insurance carrier for services performed on your behalf and accept payment from your carrier for those services. You are responsible for the estimated patient portion when scheduling and any residuals due, if any, after insurance pays a claim. Your carrier communicates the same correspondence to us both. When a claim is paid, your card on file will be charged if there is a residual due and we will send an email with corresponding paperwork. As a courtesy to you, if your carrier denies a claim, we will appeal the decision one time. If your carrier denies our appeal, you will be responsible for the unpaid balance. Unpaid balances that are left unpaid in an excess of 30 days are subject to a service fee. Accounts with an outstanding balance over 45 days will accrue 18% of the remaining balance. Any additional fees assessed to our office by outside companies (collection agency, attorney, etc.) will be added to your balance. In order for us to bill your insurance and wait for payment, we need your social security number on file or you are welcome to pay your bill in full and we will provide all documents necessary for insurance to pay and reimburse you directly.

Method for Resolving Discomfort:

All parties desire a method for resolving misunderstands, disputes, discomfort, if any should occur-privately, quickly, economically and in a friendly, educational manner.We therefore agree to resolve these matters using the communication, negotiation, mediation, and arbitration procedures set forth in the latest edition of the LawForms Integrity Agreement. You may receive a copy of this standard form and information about it from our office.Unless we hear from you to the contrary, we shall assume that you are familiar with the LawForms Integrity Agreement or have taken the time to review and understand it.